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I am the Founder and CEO of multi-award-winning content marketing AI startup Concured. I founded Concured to analyze people’s behavior towards content at scale, in order to prescribe what content marketers should create next to maximize engagement & ROI.  I have spent the last decade working with the biggest brands in the world on their content & advertising challenges globally. I was honored to be named AI CEO of the year by the Global CEO Excellence Awards in 2018 and 2019.

I regularly speak and consult with businesses on:

Content Marketing  Artificial Intelligence

 Entrepreneurism     Content Creation   

Social Media  SaaS    Martech   Fundraising 

Marketing  Sales  Demand Generation

I help marketers to understand how AI can benefit them now.

I started Concured to take advantage of the latest advancements in AI to provide marketers at leading agencies and brands like WPP, Coca-Cola and HP with real-time AI-powered analysis, enabling content marketers to work out which of their content is and isn’t working, identifying potential gaps in the market and providing insights on what to create to maximize revenue. The platform is saving businesses a lot of time and money by helping brands to quickly identify which topics they should focus on to engage their audience.


 In short, I wanted AI to help marketers understand what their audience cares about. 

I'm excited to be speaking to audiences around the world about how they can use AI to help them succeed in ways they never knew possible.


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